Nat, Noah, Ant, Lis, Lance & Cathy

Nat, Noah, Ant, Lis, Lance & Cathy

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beautiful Broome

Anthony words, "I'll trade you 1000 Gorges for this beach!"
Yes, Ant is loving Broome & being near the Coast again.
We drove the cars down onto the Beach (past the Nudist Beach), and enjoyed dinner a swim & the sunset. Not bad!

The sunsets here are amazing... The sun actually sets into the ocean on this side of Australia!


Renata said...

Just looks gorgous! Bet you guys are just loving the beach!

Katann said...

You guys are just show-offs now!!! Can't believe what an incredible holiday experience you're having! Can't wait to hear all the other stories you have tucked away - and yes I guess we'll have to put up with 'slides' nights when you get back!!! Nat and Noah - don't have too much fun or you won't want to come back at all!!

Love, Kath

Tan said...

Wow!!Wow!!Wow!!What an amazing trip you are all having. I love seeing all your photos, they really tell your story, plus it is great to see you having so much fun. Fin was so excited to get another postcard of Nat and Noahs 'new place' as he calls it. Thanks. Keep having such a fantastic adventure. We love and miss you all heaps. Stay safe.
Tan xxx

Gracie-face said...

Hey guys we saw the pictures of your travels and they look amazing!!! I wish I could ride th camel with you.
how are the long car trips treating you?

Wish I could be there

Love Grace.

Maloneys said...

Dear Noah
I love you.
I want to write you a letter.
I loved seeing you on a camel and on a surf board. You are having so much fun. You must have been scared seeing all those crocodiles. Last week at school we went to Alma Park Zoo and Tiarna and I got to pat a baby crocodiles tail. This week at school is Market Day and I am going to have my face painted and hope to go on the jumping castle. When are you coming back? Keep having fun.
Love Eden

Maloneys said...

Hello Lis, Ant, Nat and Noah,
Great to see the wonderful time your having. The plane ride must have been breathe taking. Isn't Broome just gorgeous. God certainly has given us a gorgeous country to call home. Keep having a great time and we're really enjoying your journey.
Love Catherine
P.S. I hope Eden's words haven't embarrasses Noah too much. She is quite amazed about all the crocodiles. Ciao. C

cossy's said...

How beautiful. Now we are getting jealous!!! It's so good to see how much fun you are having, it really is a trip of a lifetime. Enjoy. It is such a great experience for you all, much better than school hey boys!!! And I bet you are learning more!!! All our love Pete, Trace, Jesse, Tiarna & Zander. Ps the kids want to know when are you coming home.

Kim and Jon said...

G'day Liss and Ant. Thanks so much for the postcards - and birthday wishes too. Nice. What a spectacular trip you are having. Amazing. I love the smiles on Nat's face in so many of the photos. What a great experience for you all. Looking forward to hearing more. Lots of love to you all, and the 'almost grey' nomads too! The Melbourne Cornfords.