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Nat, Noah, Ant, Lis, Lance & Cathy

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ningaloo Reef

Osprey Bay, Ningaloo Reef Marine Park

We have been fortunate enough to camp right on the beach front, enjoying the clear blue ocean, up close & personal.

The reef was right at our doorstep. Beautiful corals & colourful fish. Very cold water, thus the wet suits.

Nat tried his hand at fishing, and caught this dart. At the time, we didn't know what it was, so we kissed it & released it.

Noah enjoyed feeding this roo, with a joey in her pouch, each afternoon.
There was heaps of turtles in the ocean. We were even fortunate to swim with a couple. We were swimming along with it, about half a metre above it. It didn't seem to mind either, until Nat reached out to touch it & the turtle shot off, with no chance of us keeping up with it.
This turtle was on a different beach. They were coming in close to shore to mate & lay eggs - very early this year. We could see at least 50 out in the water. (No swimming here!)
We ended each day down on the beach, either fishing or walking or swimming or enjoying a relaxing drink with the sunset.
This was probably our favourite spot of the trip so far. We stayed here 10 days.

Osprey Bay


Renata said...

That water looks just beatiful ( I miss the beach!) Both Nat & Noah look so grown up! Did the turtle remind you of home??

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