Nat, Noah, Ant, Lis, Lance & Cathy

Nat, Noah, Ant, Lis, Lance & Cathy

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Kalbarri NP to The Pinnacles

Kalbarri National Park

We can't believe the stark change in scenery. Suddenly there's lush, green fields and some of those fields are so completely filled with the wildflowers - it's just beautiful.

We enjoyed the short walks through the National Park, just staying ahead of the rain.

Again, Nat was happy to find another lizard in the wild. I told Nat to stop poking his tongue at the lizard and teasing it!

We passed these amazingly powerful wind turbines just outside of Geraldton - apparently known for its strong winds. But again, beautiful against the backdrop of Yellow wildflower fields.

We camped at a free stop called Ellendale Pools, not far from the wind turbines. It was just lovely & totally amidst Australian Native plants, and even had a flushing toilet & playground!

The Pinnacles Desert

Ant & I enjoyed a nice hot cuppa surrounded by the peculiar, but awesome Pinnacles.
Meanwhile, the boys played skirmish around the strategically & conveniently placed pinnacles.
Ant even let the kids each have a turn at driving with him around the 4km Pinnacles drive. Nat & Ant placed a burger & fries order at one of the drive-thru pinnacles, just jokingly of course, but having been away from take-away for a while, Noah's tastebuds chucked a tantrum when he found out there wasn't any food.

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Renata said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful. Glad you're having such a lovely time. Looking forward to the 17th!