Nat, Noah, Ant, Lis, Lance & Cathy

Nat, Noah, Ant, Lis, Lance & Cathy

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Monkey Mia, Shark Bay

Monkey Mia, Shark Bay

We didn't get to feed the dolphins, but we got up very close & personal to dolphins. Particularly, this mother dolphin, Nicki, with her 10 day old calf. He wouldn't sit still, just kept jumping around, squigling, zooming faster, then slower. We found out that baby dolphins can't stay still or else they can't surface for air for the first few months.

Once the dolphins headed out to ocean for the day, we hired a quad-paddle bike for half an hour (that was long enough) & had an ocean picnic.

Nat & Noah didn't have a lot of patience for the dolphins, so they enjoyed getting up close & annoying the very tame pelicans.

We also enjoyed just walking out on the lovely old jetty. In the afternoon, the dolphins swam past us again out here.
We called into the lovely Shell Beach.

It made Nat's day - actually, it made Nat's whole trip, when he caught this skink crossing the road. It was his one goal for this trip - to catch a lizard in the while, just like he'd seen Steve Irwin do.

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Renata said...

Well done Nat!
The beach just looks lovely!
Shame you couldn't feed the dolphins, but it would have been great being that close to them! Zai loved the pic of the boys & the pelican!