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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Noah's Birthday at 14 Mile Beach

14 Mile Beach, just South of Coral Bay

How's this for camping right on the beach?!!! Yes, that is the satellite set up for Foxtel.

Poppy, and many others, kept their boats just pulled up from the ocean on the sand, ready to jump into any time.
Pop took us out to the reef, out just a couple of hundred metres, for more spectacular coral & ocean life.
Mind you, the kids were happier with Poppy letting them jump from the front of the boat into the clear shallow waters.
We celebrated Noah's 6th birthday here. Gran made an ocean cake with a cut-out of Noah in his wetsuit & snorkel. We had a great time & played games also.

That afternoon, we went out snorkelling again, but "there was too many sea urchants" for the boys.
And at night, we went crab hunting along the beach with torches. There was heaps! Jeeby!

This was another wonderful place we didn't want to leave.

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Renata said...

Glad Noah had a good birthday - we missed you! Will have to celebrate when you get here! It looks so perfect there - what a life - boat pulled up to the beach & all - bet you could get used to it quickly!