Nat, Noah, Ant, Lis, Lance & Cathy

Nat, Noah, Ant, Lis, Lance & Cathy

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Bunbury Adventures

Bunbury with Ron & Shirley Behan

After meeting up with Grandma & Grandad Behan in Perth, we moved on to Bunbury together.
We enjoyed a walk in one of Bunbury's parks all together.
Followed by visiting the Bunbury lighthouse & one of its beaches for morning tea.

Noah's Bunbury Adventure

After 5 days of Noah either vommitting or complaining of tummy pains or temperatures, we finally took Noah up to the Bunbury hospital to see if it was more than a virus. The Visitor Centre had told us that unless you were a local, you wouldn't be able to get in to a Medical Centre to see a doctor, and even if you were a local, there was a 7 week waiting period.

We entered Bunbury Hospital, A&E Tuesday night around 8pm, and finally got to see a doctor around midnight. He was pretty quick to conclude on the appendix and sent him to Kids ward to wait for tomorrow's emergency list. We got settled into Kids ward around 4am.

Thankfully, the Captain Starlight came around during the day to distract the kids. Noah was sick & sore at this stage and just waiting for them to fit him onto the emergency list.

Finally they operated around 7pm Wednesday evening. Thankfully, for Noah, Ant went into theatre with him until he fell asleep. Unfortunately, this left Lis alone, and I completely lost it once they took Noah away, until Ant came back out, only about half an hour, but the loneliest, longest, saddest, most desperate half hour of my life. (Just ask Cathy and Shirley- who I phoned for prayer).

Thankfully, the Lord watched over our precious little one. Thanks to all our family & friends who we know also lifted Noah up in prayer.

It turned out that Noah's appendix was black, and had become gangreenous & had begun to rupture & an abscyss was growing on it, and burst as soon as the doctors touched it. The Doctor has since informed us, that if we had left it any longer, he most likely would have needed a small bowel reconstruction.

Thankfully, big brother, Nat, has been very supportive and encouraging and loving.

Thankfully, God sent Mum & Dad Behan over to Perth when He did. They were an amazing support for us, looking after Nat at the drop of a hat, while Ant & Lis waited at the hospital, they fed Ant & Nat, and they loved & supported us through the whole experience, putting their short Western Australia holiday on hold for us. We have an amazing family.
Thank-you again & again to all our dear friends and family who were praying for us. It was a very stressful, emotional, tiring time for us, and all your text messages, phonecalls and prayers meant a lot to us, and bridged the giant physical gap from Eastern Aust to West Aust.
We love you all and miss you all heaps. God Bless.


Renata said...

Poor little Noah looks so sick there. Glad he's getting better now. Hope he get's the all clear before long. Praise God it wasn't any worse than that (eg bowel resection). Love to you all!

Christy Walsh said...

Hi Liss
glad to hear your little man is recovering well. Sounded very stressful... praying that the rest of your trip is smooth sailing :)